Tuesday, March 5, 2013



Following on from the Star Trek theme, let me keep you all in the 70’s, with one of the most famous albums, Pink Floyd and Dark side of the Moon. If you have never heard the music you must have seen the album cover with that wonderful Prism.

About Prisms -

If a beam of light of one color is shone through a prism, the direction of the beam is changed by the prism. This is because the two faces of the prism through which the light passes are not parallel.

A prism can be used to break up light into the colors of the spectrum and also used to reflect light.

A rainbow is formed in the sky by white light from the sun being refracted by water droplets in the air. The colors are split up with the red on the outside. To see a rainbow you must be facing away from the sun towards the rainstorm.

So this week think about prisms
Color, rainbows, light, energy, spirit, emotion.
Think about life and the prism of opportunities
Life is like a prism. What you see depends on how you turn the glass.”  ― Jonathan Kellerman
Think about the Prism of the past and moving on in a different direction.
The past is not simply the past, but a prism through which the subject filters his own changing self-image.”  - Doris Kearns Goodwin
Think about how we are to each other seen through the prism of our expectations.
"When we describe what the other person is really like, I suppose we often picture what we want. We look through the prism of our need. "- Ellen Goodman
Think of the Prism of the soul where the spirit’s light reflects glory.
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Thank you for jamming with us!


  1. This is Alan's first week as a prompter at Poetry Jam! I would like to welcome him, and I know we will all enjoy his unique perspective.

  2. nice...cool to have you prompting alan...ok have mine written and will post it in the morning...looks like i will be off school tomorrow as we already have one inch of snow and anywhere from 3-12 more by morning....smiles....

  3. Alan dear,
    Today my images are more poetic than the poems.
    Think of it as prose interspersed with poetry. Well, haiku, which I always think of as a bit of cheating :-)
    It was fun to do, thanks for the idea.

  4. Great prompt, Alan... and welcome! I love prisms. My dogs go wild over them, but that's now what my poem is about. Enjoy.

    Oh, and who do I give credit to for the lovely pic?

  5. I really do not know how this happened but I finished a painting and finished editing the poem that was with it last night. It was now that I found the prompt, and the INSIGHT poem is about light, rainbows and prisms.

    1. Well, that all worked out amazingly well, didn't it? Smiles!

  6. This prompt kept taking me back to a few random ideas in my notebook. I finally put them together. A nice prompt. It got my ideas moving again!

  7. Thanks for all the participation here and and especial thanks to Alan for stepping up with the prompt! Being interested in science and physics in general (though I have no degree in those areas nor have I worked in them) I liked thinking about the physics of light and way prisms work. Seems almost magical really. Thank you to all who have already read my poem and commented! Now I am off to read all your contributions!

  8. Thank you for letting me have a first prompt, i have been laid low with a cold virus today, so my poem sort of reflects this. Thank you all for your kind words

  9. Thanks for the inspiration this week.

  10. I love prisms, and rainbows :-) Took the refracting in a different light. Great prompt!

  11. A very creative prompt, thank you! Had fun with this one :)

  12. Yes, I agree with Loredana.: lots of ways to go with this.

  13. I really enjoyed this prompt, thanks

  14. your prompt Prism very thoughtful, I tried to write a haiku..Thanks alot for sharing such wonderful ideas...GOD<3U


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